About Unikktle Mentor

This service is based on the knowledge of psychology and is a service that supports the self-check of the health condition by quantitatively and qualitatively analyzing the mental condition of a person.
It is possible to understand the mental health status, mental deterioration, and rise of each individual, team, organization, so please use it for mental health care.
By analyzing not only the colleagues who work together but also the couple as a team, we can know each other's psychological aspects.
I made it with the hope that the troubles that occur when I can't see my own mentality or the mentality of the other person will be reduced.

How to use

Mental changes will occur before employee turnover or internal fraud occurs, so prevent individual diagnosis results by comparing them with those who have left or internally fraud in the past.
There are departments and positions where you can demonstrate your abilities depending on your mentality, so when you think about the right person for the right person or when you appoint a leader, you should also consider the mental aspect.
If you have a talented person in your company and want to hire a talented person who is close to that person, consider whether your mental health is close.


Team information can only be viewed by those who have joined the team.
Your personal findings will not be visible to others unless you join the team.

Privacy policy

The data accumulated by Unikktle Mentor will only be used to improve Unikktle Mentor's services.
We do not provide or sell personal information to other companies.

Terms of service

Please use this service with moderation as it contains sensitive content of human psychology.
People's mentality is constantly changing, so avoid making an easy judgment based on the results at that time.
In the unlikely event that the user suffers a disadvantage due to the reason for this service, this service is not responsible.

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